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Gratitude for Great Friends

This year has taught me, amongst many other things, how thankful I am to have some really great friends. My husband has always said that he sees God in people––when they’re being kind and compassionate––and I’d have to agree. Continue reading

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Books for Healing

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, I wanted to share some of the books that have been helping me and a few excerpts that I find particularly healing. Continue reading

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Love Can Be Scary

What’s been cycling through my head the last several months has been “Love can be scary, but it’s always been worth it.” I’d rather live with a heart that’s full and get it broken than live a half life. Continue reading

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We need to give ourselves permission to fall apart and not call it weakness, not call it craziness, just call it grieving. Continue reading

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Crash Course in Loss and Love

So, even though she showed us our hearts have the capacity for a lot of pain, she also showed us they have a tremendous capacity for love. And she showed us how strong our marriage is and that when we love and support each other, we can make it through anything. Continue reading

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Fashion for the First Few Months

While I’m incredibly grateful for what this bump means, it’s made dressing a little difficult. I looked around my wardrobe to see how I could make those first few months work and here’s what I found. Continue reading

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Gift of Recollection

I’m a firm believer that experiences make the best gifts. But the next best thing? Something that recollects those experiences. Here’s a great idea for your own gift-giving. Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Drinking

How could I get through the first few months of keeping the pregnancy under wraps without people discovering the no-drinking cue? Here are some cover-ups I used. Continue reading

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Key Hopping

We had a few criteria for our last trip: warmest, sunniest (but cheapest) place in the US, lots of state parks, lots of history. The southernmost point of America was the obvious choice: Key West, Florida. Continue reading

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A Year of Gratitude

Disregard the bad and acknowledge the good with a project that promotes a year of gratefulness. Continue reading

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