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Spell Checker Can’t Compete

Science fiction from the early twentieth century had predicted robots would be ruling the world by now. While that’s not the case, computers have taken over many of the jobs humans used to possess. And yes, they can make life … Continue reading

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Pack Rat

This inability to let go can also transfer to my writing. Of course, writing is a process which requires many drafts. In each draft I will change the font to gray, italicize it, put it in carrots, in parentheses––whatever I must do to keep it there. Even though I’ve thought of a better word choice, a better phrase, it’s so hard to let go. But then when I do, and the clunkiness is replaced with a clean copy with no reminders of all the work it took to get there, the separation anxiety is worth it. I realize the delete button is, in fact, my friend. Continue reading

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