Fashion for the First Few Months

While I’m incredibly grateful for what this bump means, it’s made dressing a little difficult. Pre-pregnancy I wore a lot of high-waisted jeans and snug cardigans, but within the second month, the jeans wouldn’t zip up and the cardigans wouldn’t button down. So! I needed to look around my wardrobe and see how I could make those first few months work. The bump wasn’t that obvious yet, but my waist was definitely gone and my cinch-belt fall-back wasn’t an option anymore.

Some of the things I’m finding work well (and are very comfortable):

1. Leggings, leggings, leggings.
After hitting 3 or 4 in the afternoon, sitting in my cubicle, having to unbutton my pants and wriggle around in my chair uncomfortably, I realized it was time to retire most of my jeans. Leggings have been a welcome change. 

2. Long sweaters or sweater dresses
Some of the long, plain sweaters or striped sweater dresses went well with my leggings and boots.

3. Lots of black
In the beginning, my belly just looked weird. Of course I was proud of my bump, but it was hard to figure out what shirts to wear. Simple black shirts worked well. And then I could jazz them up with big necklaces or earrings. 

4. Empire-waist dresses
These hit high enough that they weren’t squishing my rapidly-growing waistline. And they were great with tights and boots. 

5. Roomy shirts
Old Navy was a great resource for stretchy, roomy shirts that gave my bump plenty of room to grow. And I could also dress them up with a cinch belt up high. 

6. Long dresses
I already had a bunch of these in my closet. They washed back to their original size. 

What did you like to dress in during your first few months?

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