Why I’m Not Drinking

So, we’re pregnant. And I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag until things were a bit less precarious (the first few months of pregnancy can be risky). It was a concern: how do I respond when people ask why I’m not drinking or if I want to try their beer or insist on taking a shot together? Well, that last one’s not too out-of-character because I hate taking shots and usually say no, anyway. But! I love a good beer and I’m not one to turn it down. How could I get through the first few months of keeping it under wraps without people discovering the no-drinking cue?

I started to write reasons in case people called me out. I was trying to come up with stuff that wasn’t a lie, but didn’t give it away. Stuff like:

1. My stomach kinda hurts. Alcohol wouldn’t help.

2. I feel like I might be coming down with something, so I better not drink.

3. I just don’t feel like drinking tonight.

I gotta say it was a big relief when I could finally exclaim, “Because there’s a baby in there!” What are some of the responses you used when in the same bind?

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3 Responses to Why I’m Not Drinking

  1. I honestly never even noticed you weren’t drinking! Sometimes you drink fancy bottled sodas, so it’s possible you had one of those and I didn’t even notice :)

    I also bet you could get away with tonic water and lime, and peeps would think you’re having a mixed drink.

  2. Abby Wilson says:

    My excuse EVERY time….”Well…I have to drive my drunk husband’s butt home.”

  3. Jeff Rudolf says:

    Jessica and I would always devise a way to make it looks like she was drinking but really wasn’t. We would order two beers and she would have one in front of her but in reality, I would be drinking out of both of them! Or she would order a Sprite or a cranberry juice with a lime in it to make it look like she had a cocktail. One time we even painted fake bruises on her and when someone asked her why she wasn’t drinking, she would reply, “I can’t. I have internal bleeding because of a domestic dispute.” Then we all have a laugh. It was hoot.

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